Google I/O | Unveiling the Google Jacquard x Levi’s smart jacket

This is an information getting us very excited! Remember the Google Project Jacquard everyone’s been talking about last year? Well during this year’s Google I/O (their developers conference) Levi’s and Google announced the jacket would be shipping “soon”.

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ASOS and Wayra UK launch their fashtech start-ups accelerator program

Earlier this month, the internationally known british e-retailer Asos and Wayra UK, (the Spanish telecom Telefónica Open Future’s start-up accelerator), launched their business accelerator. This program aims to look for the most innovating fashtech start-ups in the world to support them in order to develop new e-commerce solutions. Famous digital leader, ASOS is trying to improve the shopping experience offered to its around 11 million customers, to make it smoother, more enjoyable and more personalized; in brief to evolve at the same time than its customers needs change.

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Opinion | From tastemaker to fashion victim? The problem with the new Instagram reboot

This Wednesday, Instagram caught the whole digital world off guard when it unveiled a new brand identity on its app’s latest update. While I’m totally fond off the new user interface (it’s gorgeous), which in my opinion enhances the whole experience, I believe this new logo is a serious branding faux pas.

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Your garments are going online: here comes the Internet of Clothing!

Last month, 2 companies struck a buzzing deal that will bring to market 10 billion pieces of apparel, said to be born digital and « switched on » (understand, have unique internet IDs like people and data profiles in the cloud). Described by one of the signers as « probably the biggest deal the IoT has had » (so far), this major move is a clear signal that this industry is on the verge of going mainstream.

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Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Opinion | Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Topshop runs its own fashion show, Kate Middleton wears Zara, high-ends fashion brands collaborates with H&M…  Fast-fashion chains do not disturb anymore, quite the opposite, they are watched, studied and even flattered sometimes.  In this context, the border between inspiration, counterfeit copy and plagiarism appears very thin.

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STARTUP | Secreat Heat infuses heating technology into your garments

I recently met Ashaa Khunti and Magdalena Delgado, two gorgeous women working on a technology that could make any garment warm up instantly. Remember Courrèges or Moon Berlin‘ heating coats? Well now fashion brands can also integrate seamless heating panels into any cloth.

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MET Gala 2016 | Manus was there, but where was Machina?

Yesterday, the annual MET Gala took place in NYC, introducing the new exhibition “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”. According to Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice-President of Apple) who sponsored the event, currently this theme is crucial as it is “to temper and define future products we’re working on”. How did the top-notch celebrities answered this question?

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DIY | French Blogger ElsaMuse x Louis Antoinette unveil their DIY capsule collection

I met the founders of Louis Antoinette during an event dedicated to innovation in fashion a few months ago. Their concept is really cool for creative girls who want to try and do their garments by themselves, without having to be a fashion designer. They just unveiled their very cool capsule collection in collaboration with French Blogger ElsaMuse!

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toppitch topshop wearable

STARTUPS | Topshop launches its own wearable tech challenge

Topshop, is seeking to bring more tech to its fashion products!  The retailer as launch TopPitch, calling for entrepreneurs and startups to share their innovative products ideas. Applications close on May 22nd, 2016. Feeling inspired?

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EVENT | The Digital Luxury Meeting holds its Second Edition in Paris

The most select congress in town is coming for its second edition, and we’re very happy to be official partners of this year’s meeting. On the 10th of may in Paris at the Chalet du Lac, 400 luxury leaders will gather to discuss about the future of digital in luxury at the Digital Luxury Meeting (second edition). The congress will hold five keynotes and 10 conferences with 40 speakers.

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