Fashion & television : A Crossed History

Despite the rise of new media, television still remains the reference medium, especially for the fashion industry. It reaches a wide audience while it conveys a strong image. The history of fashion and television are closely linked, as explained during a conference we attended, given by Maude Bass-Krueger and Sophie Kurdjian, heads of #Semmode at the IHTP/CNRS on December 15th. 

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EVENT | Who’s Next 2017: Girls, bring on your squad

The very popular fair Who’s Next will be back in Paris from the 20th to the 23rd of January. At its core, a very current theme: girl squad. “Girl power”, “girls band”, “girls squad” … are trendy notions that Who’s Next and Premiere Classe will try to decode and bring to light through creators, installations, activities always more accurate.

This 23rd January, our founder Noemie Balmat will have the pleasure to animate a panel talk on the future of retail, with French Retailer Citadium’s Director, Sophie Bocquet.

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Five retail destinations paving the way for the store of the future

Be they at the intersection of innovation, marketing relevancy, storytelling and one of a kind experiences, these selected locations we stumbled upon in 2016 played a big part in shaping how our team, at Clausette.cc, envisions what the future of retail might bring. From digital born brands to more traditional ones, their unique take on the point of sale reveal the many ways in which brick-and-mortar is far from being anything but boring.

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Towards a real fashion transparency? The Everlane case

More and more customers are in demand of precise informations about their clothes and want to know how they were produced. Numerous scandals about working conditions in the fashion industry led to the rise of a collective awareness of these issues and most brands had no choice but to adapt themselves to these new expectations.

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Internet of clothing | Human Sensor, a coat to detect air pollution

Like flashing origami clouds flying from one crossroad to the other, this troop of walkers, wearing the strangest accoutrement, progresses in the midst of the congested traffic of Manchester, indifferent to the intrigued gaze of passers-by.

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Stitch Fix | When Human expertise & AI work hand in hand

The progress of AI in factories is often related to the very human fear of being replaced by machines. Indeed, one can consider AI as a quicker, more efficient and more reliable way to perform tasks formerly adapted to the humans. However, the benefit of AI lies in a clever and successful blend between the human capacities and the AI advantages. Stitch Fix, the on-line shopping personal assistant created in 2011, demonstrates that this is possible.

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Material Futures | This new Fabric is capable of harvesting Solar & Mechanical Energy

What if just wearing clothes could help you generate energy? A team from Georgia Institute of Technology is currently working on this concern. These scientists created a brand new type of fabric that collects at the same time solar and motion energy.

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Internet of Clothing | Rochambeau uses Bright Bmbr smart jacket to introduce its clients to a very private club

Paper invites are out-of-date. Digital invites are not enough. This is why Rochambeau went a step further and created a digital jacket to offer its wearer a unique experience through New York City. In collaboration with Avery Dennison and Evrythng, as part as their “Born Digital” partnership, Rochambeau launched the “Bright Bmbr” jacket: the key to enter an exclusive circle.

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ITW | Rem D. Koolhaas & his specific take on shoes for ISSEY MIYAKE SS17

Last September, during the Paris Fashion Week, Yoshiyuki Miyamae presented his latest Spring-Summer 2017 collection for the ISSEY MIYAKE brand, baptized Microcosm. Taking inspiration directly from nature, this show was like a tale about the encounter between a conceptualized vision of fashion and technology. In the second part of this exclusive series, Rem D. Koolhaas tells us everything about the backstory of this collaboration with ISSEY MIYAKE, his passion for collaborations with a purpose and how he plans the future of his brand, United Nude.

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Web Summit 2016 | A first glimpse into Impressivo faiv, Google Jacquard’s new competitor

From 7th to 10th November, during Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, our friend Etienne Durand, Creative Technologist at Hopscotch had the chance to get his hands on Impressivo‘s new projet “faiv”, Google Jacquard‘s new competitor. Having no less ambition than taking on the tech giant on the game of becoming the next big smart clothing name, the US & Korea based startup developed a similar method of making connected clothing by weaving sensors into fabrics.

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