EVENT | Viva Technology: Luxury, Fashion & Retail conferences sneak peek

In exclusivity, as I will be animating and speaking at the Viva Technology Luxury, Fashion & Retail conference track this Thursday June 30th, here’s a little preview of the program’s most interesting rendez-vous!

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ITW | J. Vary – Innovation Manager, John Lewis: “Tech has to be understandable effortlessly”

Last month, we were delighted to attend the informal talk between John Lewis’ Innovation Manager, John Vary, and journalist Rachel Arthur, during the FashTech Summit in London. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his role at John Lewis and how he believes innovation can happen within an established brand as John Lewis, and asked him for a few key advices on how to create the best conditions for the best ideas to emerge.

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Drive fearlessly, thanks to the new Mercedes Benz x Maison Kitsuné FashTech collab

To introduce its new convertible cars line, Mercedes is associating itself with the French-Japanese label to create Found, a limited-run of connected accessories. A smart co-branding initiative, under the watchful eye of CLM BBDO ad agency.

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EVENT | Salon du Luxe Paris invites Clausette as official influencer for its second edition

We’re very happy to announce our new partnership with Salon du Luxe. Last year, we were stunned when we attended the first edition, as the event’s founder Laura Perrard brought a special attention to deliver a one-of-a-kind industry event. Far from the classical conferences programs, Laura created an entertaining event format.

And for this second edition, we have a surprise for you: get the chance to win a free ticket to the event, which will take place on July 6th & 7th, at the end of this post!

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Binge Shopping | Fynd Mona & chill: how Netflix inspired personal shopping apps

What with the progress of the consumer society, people’s consuming habits have changed. Indeed, not only they consume and buy more, but they crave for speed. This explain the fact that the “binge” phenomenon is not restrained to “binge drinking” anymore, but extended to “binge watching” for television series or “binge shopping”. Also, people demand easiness: they refuse to suffer from constrains and they want to get rid of anything that could hamper their direct access to what they desire. As a result to this state of fact, Netflix has been providing its subscribers with ad libitum access to their favorite episodes for years now. So, why not for clothes?

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MazeDesign; ready to wear; talent; clausette

Talent | Studiomazé, “Ready-To-Wear is dead”

Is ready to wear dead? Is made-to-measure and the return of dress patterns the answers to the broken fashion system? How can we involve the consumer in the making process in order to educate him to quality and fair industrialization process? The answers to those questions are many, depending on what brands are trying to solve them.

We like this (new) talent’s answer. Let us introduce you to Studiomazé.

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Spider Silk: Fusing Nature and Technology

When you see a spider web what comes to mind? The beauty and intricate design, how a spider delicately dangles as it artfully spins its web, how it competitively and fiercely wraps its prey or how quickly it can be swept away?

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ITW | Jason Briscoe, a fearless mind focused on design, impact & technology

We met Jason Briscoe during the FashTech London Summit last month, where he was giving a keynote on how to Silence the Noise Through Simple Design. Throughout his talk, he gave us key principles to keep design simple in the age of more. We sat down with him asking what are his does and don’ts in web-design.

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3D printed Bluetooth jewellery, necklace, tote bag with integrated phone pocket by Julia Danckwerth.
Coat with magnetic strips for headphone attachment by Acronym.
Credit: Deutsche Telekom

Fashion Fusion | Deutsche Telekom launches international competition for smart fashion ideas

Based on the observation that fashion and high-tech are becoming closer and closer, Deutsche Telecom initiated “Fashion Fusion” in order to support the launch of visionary concepts. “Fashion Fusion” is a competition organized in Europe, where young people are encouraged to push the limits of technology in order to give birth to their ideas.

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Google I/O | Unveiling the Google Jacquard x Levi’s smart jacket

This is an information getting us very excited! Remember the Google Project Jacquard everyone’s been talking about last year? Well during this year’s Google I/O (their developers conference) Levi’s and Google announced the jacket would be shipping “soon”.

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