Blockchain | How tech can provide transparency to fashion supply chains

With the rise of fast fashion, and its continual pressure on retailers to lower prices, the high street clothing supply chain has become more and more complex and opaque. But in 2016, how can anyone say he doesn’t know his 5€ t-shirt was made in both social and environmentally bad conditions? Consumers may not all demand transparency, at least not yet, but a quick look to the global success of Fashion Revolution Day, trending on Twitter and making millions of people more aware of fashion transparency, will make you change your mind.

So what if technology could make it easier for us to trace where and how our garments are made? Here comes Provenance, a startup using blockchain to tell the story behind the products you consume.

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Biomimicry | A Nature-inspired coating that could make self-healing clothing a reality

What if the climax of smart clothing was self-healing clothing, which aims at protecting and regenerating not only the clothes, but also the wearer? Well, this technology was inspired by Mother Nature’s own tricks: welcome to the Biomimicry era, where Nature is the richest inspiration source for groundbreaking innovations that could be applied to Fashion. 

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LG Innotek’s pressure sensors will enable fabrics to feel

Created in year 2000, LG Innotek is a global materials and components manufacturer that focuses on areas like mobile, automotive, LED, display, semiconductor and the IoT with its technologies. Fully aware that its activity is becoming increasingly key, the subsidiary firm of the korean parent company LG is now actively working at expanding in other fields such as fashion.

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PokemonGo | Vixole displays Pokemons on your digital sneakers in real time

Pokemon Go has been driving everyone crazy lately, us included! That being said, how could this not have worked so well? The Pokemon license is by far the one that works the best with the gameplay, so it’s definitely not a surprise for us. What is, is this new sneakers brands, Vixole, a customizable e-sneaker with a built-in display.

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Our top 5 reasons why the best is yet to come for smartwatches

Smartwatches release everywhere have constantly been welcomed with some kind of « meh » moment. While being constantly underestimated and undervalued, those devices have inexorably invaded the consumer market and created its very own niche. Although they are sometimes regarded as gimmicky and weak appealing products, we at Claudette Magazine have found several reasons why this end of year looks very promising for the connected watch market.

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What if your own sweater could tell when the air you’re breathing is bad for your health?

Our air quality is deteriorating quickly and on a global scale. As more and more pollutants saturate the air we breathe, urban spaces must be closely monitored in order to guarantee that they are safe for people to live in. In fact, it has been estimated that 30% of the world currently breathes unsafe air – air at 60 AQI and above.

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Macy’s On Call: IBM Watson’s smart companion makes debut at Macy’s

In a constant quest of improving in-store experiment and benefiting from technical progresses, Macy’s developed a shopping assistant to help its consumers. Macy’s On Call is hence a new program, powered by artificial intelligence thanks to a new tie-up with IBM Watson via developer partner and intelligent engagement platform, Satisfi. The pilot version has been launched in no more than 10 stores located among the US and will help shoppers get information.

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Couture Week AW16-17 | 4 Successful Blends of Fashion & Innovation

Couture Week is over and yet again designers offered us their share of surprises. There was newness, impressment, disillusion but also tech. Here is our selection of the moments when technology merrily appeared on the catwalks.

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EVENT | Are you ready for the Salon du Luxe Paris?

Time flies! We’re already in July, and tomorrow it’s time for the second edition of the Salon du Luxe Paris! As official influencers, we dug into the programme to highlight our favorite talks! And… I will also have the pleasure to speak during a panel ;-).

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Couture | Iris van Herpen comes back with Divine vibrations

As every season, we’re waiting for the Godess of innovative fashion to showcase her latest creations. This season, Iris van Herpen returns to Couture, as she’s been focusing on Ready-to-Wear for a three years now. As expected, this season’s theme, Cymatics (the study of visible sound vibrations) mixes Haute Couture traditional savoir-faire with cutting edge technologies.

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