EVENT | Fashion Tech Days by Hubmode, exploring the future of fashion at the CETI

Organized by Annick Jehanne, founder of the fashion dedicated MOOC Hubmode, the second edition of Fashion Tech Days will take place from the 29th to the 30th of September, in the CETI (European Center for Innovative Textiles) of Roubaix. The gathering focuses on the future of the textile field with a central theme that epitomizes the research: Interactions – What will be the relations between clothing, human and machines?

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Photo courtesy of Snap Inc., shot by Karl LAGERFELD for WSJ. MAGAZINE

When Social Media meets Hardware: 3 key learnings from Snap’s Spectacles unveiling

In an insightful conversation with Seth Stevenson from the Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc.’s CEO Evan Spiegel unveiled the company’s first hardware product, Spectacles. A pair of sunglasses with a 115° angle camera, actionable with a simple tap on a button near the hinge to record a 10-seconds clip video. We summed up the 3 key learnings from this announcement.

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Absolutely amazed by the creations, I wore a headpiece.

Who’s Next x Clausette | Our Selection of the Coolest Young Designers

Early September, our team went to the exciting Who’s Next tradeshow. Gathering an impressive number of pieces from the 2017 collections, the fair presented brand new creations, designers and ideas. This huge fair displayed not only fashion pieces, but also a wide range of accessories, and even … 3D-printed lollipops! They also pursue their work with young designers through the “Future of fashion program” where they reunited young but topnotch innovative brands.

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EVENT | AVANTEX Paris, the future of fabrics

From September 12th to 15th, the Avantex tradeshow is taking place in Paris. Created in 2015 by Messe Frankfurt, the purpose of this event is to present high tech fabrics and the current researches in this field that are shaping the future of fashion.

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ITW | Talking fashion, entrepreneurship & startups with Alexandra Van Houtte, founder of TAGWALK

We met the founder of TAGWALK, the Google of Fashion. Alexandra Van Houtte is a resourceful woman, plus a great worker and above all she is cool. We talked about fashion, women entrepreneurship, trendwatch and fashiontech.

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NYFW | Street-label KITH announces runway debut with a fashion, music & tech experience

This season, New York Fashion Week will see the runway debut of KITH. The streetwear collective, established in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg, now has multiple IRL stores and its own men, women and children lines, what better timing than now for a fashion week debut?

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ITW | In talk with Philipp Erler, Zalando’s SVP Technology on tech & the future of fashion

Last month, Berlin-based e-retailer Zalando closed a partnership deal with Adidas, making it the first international brand partner to join its platform, with stock from its Tauentzienstrasse store in the city, allowing same-day free delivery. We had the chance to sit down with Philipp Erler, SVP Technology at Zalando, to discuss his vision on the future of fashion & technology.

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Blockchain | How tech can provide transparency to fashion supply chains

With the rise of fast fashion, and its continual pressure on retailers to lower prices, the high street clothing supply chain has become more and more complex and opaque. But in 2016, how can anyone say he doesn’t know his 5€ t-shirt was made in both social and environmentally bad conditions? Consumers may not all demand transparency, at least not yet, but a quick look to the global success of Fashion Revolution Day, trending on Twitter and making millions of people more aware of fashion transparency, will make you change your mind.

So what if technology could make it easier for us to trace where and how our garments are made? Here comes Provenance, a startup using blockchain to tell the story behind the products you consume.

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Biomimicry | A Nature-inspired coating that could make self-healing clothing a reality

What if the climax of smart clothing was self-healing clothing, which aims at protecting and regenerating not only the clothes, but also the wearer? Well, this technology was inspired by Mother Nature’s own tricks: welcome to the Biomimicry era, where Nature is the richest inspiration source for groundbreaking innovations that could be applied to Fashion. 

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