Could smart fabrics save us from heat? 2 fabric innovations for a fresher Summer

It’s getting really hot in Paris so we would love a solution to avoid melting! However, relying on a fan is a bit overrated, and air conditioners can be quite expensive… So we’ve been thinking, could smart fabrics help us create garments that would refresh us during heat times? We chose to present you two innovations aiming at eventually making your life easier during heat waves.

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RETAIL | Zara paves the way to retail-tech

2017 seems to be the good year for Zara! Opening its biggest store this week in Madrid, the Inditex group has also announced a major breakthrough in retail. Indeed, for the first time a high street brand is going a step further on the way of the store of the future. Watch out H&M, Zara has put its dancing shoes!

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PFW | Put on your spacesuit, Chanel takes off to the moon

Closing Paris Fashion Week, Chanel once again has fulfilled Lagerfeld’s goal: spark massive attention and invade both the runway and social media. For many years on now, the shows offered by Chanel were voyages where Karl Lagerfeld was able to bring the audience in the corners of his mind. After the airport, the data center, off we go to… the Moon. Entering the show, a rocket throned in the middle of the set, waiting to take the audience on-board.

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12:  Bella Hadid walks the runway at Prabal Gurung show during New York Fashion Week at Gallery 1, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 12, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/FilmMagic)

OPINION | Is Politics Something “à la Mode”?

NYFW is now over and we have spotted one major trend: politics. Unexpected? Not really!

The world has recently been living a real political turmoil, a turmoil which climax was probably the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. As people fear for the dismantling of democracy, some of them chose to advocate for their fundamental rights and liberties. Nothing of an unprecedented situation…

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ITW | Olya Petrova Jackson from Ab[Screenwear] on Designing Elegant FashionTech

Good news for the fashion-tech world! This season, NYFW welcomed among its participants a young tech savvy brand: Ab[Screenwear]. Created by Olya Petrova Jackson in 2016, the brand aims at renewing the nature of contact between people and technology with the apparel acting as a technical device. Far from a mere “gimmicky” view of the technical outfits, Petrova Jackson designs chic pieces of fashion-tech. To fully understand her work and inspiration, we sat down with the designer to ask her a few questions about her collection.

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Startup | Kalypse reinvents wetsuits with 3D-design

Created in 2016, Kalypse introduced a brand new type of wetsuits: they are innovative, comfortable and… couture. Indeed, the very young and yet very savvy start-up was able to skilfully connect technology to aesthetics in order to elaborate tailor-made wetsuits. On top of this, Kalypse is a made-in-France brand which hence promotes the French know-how and demonstrates the ability of the country to be at the cutting edges of innovation.

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whosnext premiere classe wsn17 florieberger

Who’s Next 2017 | Having fun with our fav young designers’ pieces

Last week, our team had the opportunity to go to the thrilling Who’s Next x Premiere Classe tradeshow, where once again amazing pieces were gathered in a huge space dedicated to fashion. This time, it was all about GIRLSQUAD, and frankly we had a blast. Between creative workshops, interesting conferences (among which our founder’s animated one, on user experience in retail) and of course a large selection of apparels and accessories, we just did not know where to start. However, we were able to clear our heads when we had the opportunity – thanks to the kindness of the designers who let us wear these – to pick and wear some of our favorite pieces, shot by Florie Berger.

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EVENT | Who’s Next 2017: Girls, bring on your squad

The very popular fair Who’s Next will be back in Paris from the 20th to the 23rd of January. At its core, a very current theme: girl squad. “Girl power”, “girls band”, “girls squad” … are trendy notions that Who’s Next and Premiere Classe will try to decode and bring to light through creators, installations, activities always more accurate.

This 23rd January, our founder Noemie Balmat will have the pleasure to animate a panel talk on the future of retail, with French Retailer Citadium’s Director, Sophie Bocquet.

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Stitch Fix | When Human expertise & AI work hand in hand

The progress of AI in factories is often related to the very human fear of being replaced by machines. Indeed, one can consider AI as a quicker, more efficient and more reliable way to perform tasks formerly adapted to the humans. However, the benefit of AI lies in a clever and successful blend between the human capacities and the AI advantages. Stitch Fix, the on-line shopping personal assistant created in 2011, demonstrates that this is possible.

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Internet of Clothing | Rochambeau uses Bright Bmbr smart jacket to introduce its clients to a very private club

Paper invites are out-of-date. Digital invites are not enough. This is why Rochambeau went a step further and created a digital jacket to offer its wearer a unique experience through New York City. In collaboration with Avery Dennison and Evrythng, as part as their “Born Digital” partnership, Rochambeau launched the “Bright Bmbr” jacket: the key to enter an exclusive circle.

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