CLST Daily | Gareth Pugh & Nick Knight, Nike, 5G, Apple Watch & The Jony Ive x Hiroshi Fujiwara ITW

This Monday, we carefully read an interview of Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, giving some insights on their personal vision for the future of fashion, we take a look at Nike’s Web-connected basketball Jersey, which constitute an important step toward the Internet of Clothing, we encourage you to watch Bloomberg’s video explaining how 5G is about to transform our world, we agree to disagree with the claim that the Apple Watch 3 is destined to people who like to exercise, considering that it is nowadays kind of a global movement and finally, speaking of Apple, we read an interview between two creative icons : Jony Ive and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

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The Insatiable Amazon: is Prime Wardrobe the final blow to traditional retail ?

Amazon is hungry for fashion and luxury bytes, and it looks like it wants to make sure everyone understands it. Following its Whole Foods buyout last week and the launching of its Echo Look service, the e-commerce behemoth just had another big announcement : Prime Wardrobe.

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12:  Bella Hadid walks the runway at Prabal Gurung show during New York Fashion Week at Gallery 1, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 12, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/FilmMagic)

OPINION | Is Politics Something “à la Mode”?

NYFW is now over and we have spotted one major trend: politics. Unexpected? Not really!

The world has recently been living a real political turmoil, a turmoil which climax was probably the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. As people fear for the dismantling of democracy, some of them chose to advocate for their fundamental rights and liberties. Nothing of an unprecedented situation…

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Fashion & television : A Crossed History

Despite the rise of new media, television still remains the reference medium, especially for the fashion industry. It reaches a wide audience while it conveys a strong image. The history of fashion and television are closely linked, as explained during a conference we attended, given by Maude Bass-Krueger and Sophie Kurdjian, heads of #Semmode at the IHTP/CNRS on December 15th. 

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Towards a real fashion transparency? The Everlane case

More and more customers are in demand of precise informations about their clothes and want to know how they were produced. Numerous scandals about working conditions in the fashion industry led to the rise of a collective awareness of these issues and most brands had no choice but to adapt themselves to these new expectations.

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EVENT | Vogue Fashion Festival 2016 Key Take-Away Insights

On Friday & Saturday, Vogue France organised a 2-days conference & masterclass event, exploring on the past, present and future of fashion. Located at Paris Chamber of Commerce Palais Potocki, the event welcomed key players of the Fashion Industry: Loïc Prigent, Olivier Rousteing, Isabel Marant, Suzan Saideman from Amazon Fashion, Jonathan Anderson… An interesting, insightful, sometimes intimate event! We gathered the most insightful quotes here for you, happy reading!

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Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Opinion | Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Topshop runs its own fashion show, Kate Middleton wears Zara, high-ends fashion brands collaborates with H&M…  Fast-fashion chains do not disturb anymore, quite the opposite, they are watched, studied and even flattered sometimes.  In this context, the border between inspiration, counterfeit copy and plagiarism appears very thin.

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EVENT | Condé Nast Future Luxury 2016: take-away insights

Missed out the big Condé Nast conference in Séoul on the Future of Luxury? No worries, we summed up all the insights you need to know from super quotes to big announcements!

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Burberry leads the way again with its Snapchat Discover story

We all know Burberry is a pioneering leader on social media best practices. Again today, the British brand shined on the Internet, being the first luxury brand to have a Snapchat Discover story – the part on Snapchat which is usually dedicated to medias – for the launch of its latest male perfume, Mr Burberry.

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Watch out NYC & London! Paris is about to take its revenge on FashionTech with IFM x Bpifrance Fashion Incubator

On Monday evening, we were invited at the French Public Bank of Investment (Bpifrance) to celebrate the future of FashionTech. After a session of conferences and panels on how to reinvent French Creation, or Investing in a Fashion label, Pascal Morand, the new President of the French Couture Federation (FFC) announced a partnership between IFM (the French School of Fashion) and Bpifrance to support young fashion labels.

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