CLST Daily | Gareth Pugh & Nick Knight, Nike, 5G, Apple Watch & The Jony Ive x Hiroshi Fujiwara ITW

This Monday, we carefully read an interview of Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, giving some insights on their personal vision for the future of fashion, we take a look at Nike’s Web-connected basketball Jersey, which constitute an important step toward the Internet of Clothing, we encourage you to watch Bloomberg’s video explaining how 5G is about to transform our world, we agree to disagree with the claim that the Apple Watch 3 is destined to people who like to exercise, considering that it is nowadays kind of a global movement and finally, speaking of Apple, we read an interview between two creative icons : Jony Ive and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

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EVENT REPORT | Creation as a new territory for Innovation, with Courrèges designers at TRAFFIC

A few months ago, French Ready-to-Wear Federation organised its second edition of TRAFFIC, a fair dedicated to fashion services. During two days, the show gathered 80 exhibitors, 50 workshops and 10 forecasting conferences on the theme of Innovation. We particularly enjoyed the talk on Creation as a new territory for Innovation, which you can hear – in French – here, or read, in our report below (in English and French :-)).

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Internet of clothing | Human Sensor, a coat to detect air pollution

Like flashing origami clouds flying from one crossroad to the other, this troop of walkers, wearing the strangest accoutrement, progresses in the midst of the congested traffic of Manchester, indifferent to the intrigued gaze of passers-by.

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Web Summit 2016 | A first glimpse into Impressivo faiv, Google Jacquard’s new competitor

From 7th to 10th November, during Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, our friend Etienne Durand, Creative Technologist at Hopscotch had the chance to get his hands on Impressivo‘s new projet “faiv”, Google Jacquard‘s new competitor. Having no less ambition than taking on the tech giant on the game of becoming the next big smart clothing name, the US & Korea based startup developed a similar method of making connected clothing by weaving sensors into fabrics.

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Babyghost x VeChain | How can Blockchain enhance customer experience?

Blockchain, the word is everywhere. This new type of database, mainly used in the finance sector because of its safety features, can also be used in many ways. In the fashion industry, it has been a way to address the issues regarding traceability and transparency, which have become real preoccupations since the rise of fast fashion, as explained in our previous article.

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ITW | Remidi T8 – The Ultimate Remix of Music, Design & Wearable Tech

Do you find yourself tapping a table, your desk or almost anything when you have a rhythm and beat that you can’t get out of your head? You may not be a musician but what if you could be? There are tons of synthesizers out there that let us experiment with sounds and remixing however the Remidi T8 is the first wearable music instrument that enables you to record, play and perform. We sat down with the Founder and CEO of Remidi, Andrea Baldereschi to learn more about what inspired the Remidi T8, as well as Andrea’s perspective on the future of fashion tech, design and what’s ahead for Remidi.

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Photo courtesy of Snap Inc., shot by Karl LAGERFELD for WSJ. MAGAZINE

When Social Media meets Hardware: 3 key learnings from Snap’s Spectacles unveiling

In an insightful conversation with Seth Stevenson from the Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc.’s CEO Evan Spiegel unveiled the company’s first hardware product, Spectacles. A pair of sunglasses with a 115° angle camera, actionable with a simple tap on a button near the hinge to record a 10-seconds clip video. We summed up the 3 key learnings from this announcement.

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LG Innotek’s pressure sensors will enable fabrics to feel

Created in year 2000, LG Innotek is a global materials and components manufacturer that focuses on areas like mobile, automotive, LED, display, semiconductor and the IoT with its technologies. Fully aware that its activity is becoming increasingly key, the subsidiary firm of the korean parent company LG is now actively working at expanding in other fields such as fashion.

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Our top 5 reasons why the best is yet to come for smartwatches

Smartwatches release everywhere have constantly been welcomed with some kind of « meh » moment. While being constantly underestimated and undervalued, those devices have inexorably invaded the consumer market and created its very own niche. Although they are sometimes regarded as gimmicky and weak appealing products, we at Claudette Magazine have found several reasons why this end of year looks very promising for the connected watch market.

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Your garments are going online: here comes the Internet of Clothing!

Last month, 2 companies struck a buzzing deal that will bring to market 10 billion pieces of apparel, said to be born digital and « switched on » (understand, have unique internet IDs like people and data profiles in the cloud). Described by one of the signers as « probably the biggest deal the IoT has had » (so far), this major move is a clear signal that this industry is on the verge of going mainstream.

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