RETAIL | Zara paves the way to retail-tech

2017 seems to be the good year for Zara! Opening its biggest store this week in Madrid, the Inditex group has also announced a major breakthrough in retail. Indeed, for the first time a high street brand is going a step further on the way of the store of the future. Watch out H&M, Zara has put its dancing shoes!

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Five retail destinations paving the way for the store of the future

Be they at the intersection of innovation, marketing relevancy, storytelling and one of a kind experiences, these selected locations we stumbled upon in 2016 played a big part in shaping how our team, at, envisions what the future of retail might bring. From digital born brands to more traditional ones, their unique take on the point of sale reveal the many ways in which brick-and-mortar is far from being anything but boring.

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ITW | In talk with Philipp Erler, Zalando’s SVP Technology on tech & the future of fashion

Last month, Berlin-based e-retailer Zalando closed a partnership deal with Adidas, making it the first international brand partner to join its platform, with stock from its Tauentzienstrasse store in the city, allowing same-day free delivery. We had the chance to sit down with Philipp Erler, SVP Technology at Zalando, to discuss his vision on the future of fashion & technology.

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Macy’s On Call: IBM Watson’s smart companion makes debut at Macy’s

In a constant quest of improving in-store experiment and benefiting from technical progresses, Macy’s developed a shopping assistant to help its consumers. Macy’s On Call is hence a new program, powered by artificial intelligence thanks to a new tie-up with IBM Watson via developer partner and intelligent engagement platform, Satisfi. The pilot version has been launched in no more than 10 stores located among the US and will help shoppers get information.

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ITW | J. Vary – Innovation Manager, John Lewis: “Tech has to be understandable effortlessly”

Last month, we were delighted to attend the informal talk between John Lewis’ Innovation Manager, John Vary, and journalist Rachel Arthur, during the FashTech Summit in London. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his role at John Lewis and how he believes innovation can happen within an established brand as John Lewis, and asked him for a few key advices on how to create the best conditions for the best ideas to emerge.

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ASOS and Wayra UK launch their fashtech start-ups accelerator program

Earlier this month, the internationally known british e-retailer Asos and Wayra UK, (the Spanish telecom Telefónica Open Future’s start-up accelerator), launched their business accelerator. This program aims to look for the most innovating fashtech start-ups in the world to support them in order to develop new e-commerce solutions. Famous digital leader, ASOS is trying to improve the shopping experience offered to its around 11 million customers, to make it smoother, more enjoyable and more personalized; in brief to evolve at the same time than its customers needs change.

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Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Opinion | Tribute or counterfeiting, should we legalize copy in fashion?

Topshop runs its own fashion show, Kate Middleton wears Zara, high-ends fashion brands collaborates with H&M…  Fast-fashion chains do not disturb anymore, quite the opposite, they are watched, studied and even flattered sometimes.  In this context, the border between inspiration, counterfeit copy and plagiarism appears very thin.

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SXSW | Editorial merchandising, a future of retail with Story NYC

At SXSW, we attended STORY‘s founder Rachel Shechtman’s insightful conference on the future of retail. Haven’t heard of the hybrid concept store in Manhattan’s 10th Ave. retail corridor? Then you must read this story! Because what Rachel does with her concept store might just be what’s missing in today’s retail experience, a real story.

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l'oreal temporary  tattoo UV

CES2016 | DAY 2: Smart mirrors, 3D printed fashion and a focus on #HighTechBeauty!

After covering the CES2016 (Consumer Eletronic show) on Monday and Tuesday we keep going with a second Day almost entirely related to HighTech Beauty!

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