CLST Daily | Gareth Pugh & Nick Knight, Nike, 5G, Apple Watch & The Jony Ive x Hiroshi Fujiwara ITW

This Monday, we carefully read an interview of Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, giving some insights on their personal vision for the future of fashion, we take a look at Nike’s Web-connected basketball Jersey, which constitute an important step toward the Internet of Clothing, we encourage you to watch Bloomberg’s video explaining how 5G is about to transform our world, we agree to disagree with the claim that the Apple Watch 3 is destined to people who like to exercise, considering that it is nowadays kind of a global movement and finally, speaking of Apple, we read an interview between two creative icons : Jony Ive and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

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In Brief | Designers explore new formats to present their SS 18 collection

In Brief is a new series in collaboration with French fashion institution DEFI, dedicated to support French fashion businesses. Our first piece today is about how NYC & London fashion designers chose new formats to showcase their Spring/Summer 2018 collections.

Live-streaming, Blockchain, See-now-Buy-Now & IMAX: Anglo-Saxon fashion designers have chosen technology and image to present their own collection. More gimmicky to gain attention during Fashion Month, or real innovations?

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Aeriform | A glimpse into Iris Van Herpen’s 10th anniversary Couture Show

This morning, to celebrate her label’s 10th anniversary, IVH welcomed us to a both singular and innovative ode dedicated to two unseizable yet fascinating elements: air and water. The show was quite mesmerizing, with a heavy anxiety athmosphere.

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Google’s We Wear Culture, a series of exhibitions to showcase the history & future of fashion

Back when I was working in the advertising industry, I had the chance to visit Google Paris’ headquarters, for the launch of their Cultural Institute (which is now called Google Arts & Culture). As one of the many successful results of Google’s famous “20 percent of time” policy (where Google gives the opportunity to its collaborators to develop side projects), Google Arts & Culture partnered with over 1,300 museums and foundations to digitise artworks, making them accessible on the Google Arts & Culture platform. Now, they are launching the fashion part of this initiative, with over 3,000 digitalised fashion archives. We visited the Paris exhibition yesterday.

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PFW | Put on your spacesuit, Chanel takes off to the moon

Closing Paris Fashion Week, Chanel once again has fulfilled Lagerfeld’s goal: spark massive attention and invade both the runway and social media. For many years on now, the shows offered by Chanel were voyages where Karl Lagerfeld was able to bring the audience in the corners of his mind. After the airport, the data center, off we go to… the Moon. Entering the show, a rocket throned in the middle of the set, waiting to take the audience on-board.

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ITW | In talks with Guo Pei, on how Couture should embrace technology

Last Wednesday, in the Conciergerie de Paris (once a palace, then a Revolutionary court and the prison of Marie-Antoinette), I had the chance to attend the breathtaking couture show of Chinese designer Guo Pei. A 30-minutes long performance with two tech-infused dresses, using fluorescent material and LEDs. The designer, who was brought to the spotlight when Rihanna wore her iconic elaborately embroidered, fur-trimmed yellow dress at the 2015 MET Gala, is an invited member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, since January 2016.

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Mind the System & Find The Gap | Iris van Herpen’s Vision of the Unexpected Beauty of Imperfection

Today, I had the chance to attend my first Iris van Herpen show! Her shows are not-to-miss rendez-vous, as the pioneering Dutch designer has accustomed us to mastering associations between traditional craft and technology. For every show, she researches and finds new ways to to craft fascinating materials. Since 2007, she has been surprising us: be it hand-inflamed stainless steel wire or live performance of a dress 3D printing and weaving on the show, every collection is a new step into her rich and futuristic creative universe. And today’s show made no exception to the rule.

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ITW | Yoshiyuki Miyamae on his collab with SONY for ISSEY MIYAKE SS17

Last September, during the Paris Fashion Week, Yoshiyuki Miyamae presented his latest Spring-Summer 2017 collection for the ISSEY MIYAKE brand, baptized Microcosm. Taking inspiration directly from nature, this show was like a tale about the encounter between a conceptualized vision of fashion and technology. Through a singular perception which transcend garments and a unique take-on the bet of wearable tech, we had the privilege to learn a lot more backstage, some minutes after the show, close to two figures we really appreciate : the creator himself and Rem D. Koolhaas, creator of the shoe brand United Nude, which we interviewed in part 2 of this exclusive series, to be released next Monday.

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Babyghost x VeChain | How can Blockchain enhance customer experience?

Blockchain, the word is everywhere. This new type of database, mainly used in the finance sector because of its safety features, can also be used in many ways. In the fashion industry, it has been a way to address the issues regarding traceability and transparency, which have become real preoccupations since the rise of fast fashion, as explained in our previous article.

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER - Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

FW | Spring Summer 2017’s 8 Best Tech Cases: New York, London & Milano

As the Fashion Week season is now over, we took a step back to give our opinion about how tech invaded the runway this time. We cannot help but noticing the power of virtual reality, which was highly valuated by designers. Bunch of brands established partnership with technical brands such as Intel or Samsung in order to improve their VR-skills. Tool for fashion democratization, VR was also an instrument to boost sales. Indeed, VR and the « see now – buy now » system were quite intertwined.

We have chosen for you our very favorite pieces of tech raging on the runway.

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