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Talent | Studiomazé, “Ready-To-Wear is dead”

Is ready to wear dead? Is made-to-measure and the return of dress patterns the answers to the broken fashion system? How can we involve the consumer in the making process in order to educate him to quality and fair industrialization process? The answers to those questions are many, depending on what brands are trying to solve them.

We like this (new) talent’s answer. Let us introduce you to Studiomazé.

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Spider Silk: Fusing Nature and Technology

When you see a spider web what comes to mind? The beauty and intricate design, how a spider delicately dangles as it artfully spins its web, how it competitively and fiercely wraps its prey or how quickly it can be swept away?

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ASOS and Wayra UK launch their fashtech start-ups accelerator program

Earlier this month, the internationally known british e-retailer Asos and Wayra UK, (the Spanish telecom Telefónica Open Future’s start-up accelerator), launched their business accelerator. This program aims to look for the most innovating fashtech start-ups in the world to support them in order to develop new e-commerce solutions. Famous digital leader, ASOS is trying to improve the shopping experience offered to its around 11 million customers, to make it smoother, more enjoyable and more personalized; in brief to evolve at the same time than its customers needs change.

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Your garments are going online: here comes the Internet of Clothing!

Last month, 2 companies struck a buzzing deal that will bring to market 10 billion pieces of apparel, said to be born digital and « switched on » (understand, have unique internet IDs like people and data profiles in the cloud). Described by one of the signers as « probably the biggest deal the IoT has had » (so far), this major move is a clear signal that this industry is on the verge of going mainstream.

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toppitch topshop wearable

Startup | Topshop launches its own wearable tech challenge

Topshop, is seeking to bring more tech to its fashion products!  The retailer as launch TopPitch, calling for entrepreneurs and startups to share their innovative products ideas. Applications close on May 22nd, 2016. Feeling inspired?

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l'oreal temporary  tattoo UV

CES2016 | DAY 2: Smart mirrors, 3D printed fashion and a focus on #HighTechBeauty!

After covering the CES2016 (Consumer Eletronic show) on Monday and Tuesday we keep going with a second Day almost entirely related to HighTech Beauty!

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CES2016 | Day 0: Smart Bra, smart jewellery, smart shirt. Welcome to wearableland!

Clausette Magazine is closely following CES2016 (Consumer Electronic Show), one of the very best HighTech conferences of the year. Stay Tuned for a day to day report.

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Eva Chen Instagram

FashTech Digest | Holiday Edit: What happened on the Fashion Tech Planet?

Happy Holiday everyone! We selected the best of the latest news about Fashion Tech , under the following topics: Industry Evolution & Business Move; Fashion Innovation, Green& Sustainable Fashion, New Startups and Products, Digital News, Further readings.  From Eva Chen’s move to Yoox Net-a-Porter, to the unveiling of the 15 finalists of Who’s Next & NJAL’s Future of Fashion Program, we gathered the latest news and insights of the FashTech Planet just for you. Happy reading!

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Kovert Designs becomes VINAYA, and raises $3M along the way to bring Altruis for Christmas

Remember Kovert Designs? We spotted the smart ring back in January in our wearable tech special list. Then we had the pleasure of trying the sensitive smart jewellery during INTERLACED 2015, back in September. So what is it all about that it suddenly comes back to the lights of the Internet? Well first, Kovert becomes VINAYA, and it raised $3 million along the way to develop the Altruis smart jewellery range.

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EVENT | TRAFFIC, the innovative fair for fashion brands debuts in Paris on 4th & 5th Nov.

If you’re in Paris this Wednesday & Thursday (4th & 5th of November), come check TRAFFIC, the innovative services fair for fashion brands. Hosted by the French Ready-to-Wear Federation at Carreau du Temple, this first edition aims at federating fashion brands around a wide range of innovative services providers. 

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