CLST Daily | Gareth Pugh & Nick Knight, Nike, 5G, Apple Watch & The Jony Ive x Hiroshi Fujiwara ITW

This Monday, we carefully read an interview of Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, giving some insights on their personal vision for the future of fashion, we take a look at Nike’s Web-connected basketball Jersey, which constitute an important step toward the Internet of Clothing, we encourage you to watch Bloomberg’s video explaining how 5G is about to transform our world, we agree to disagree with the claim that the Apple Watch 3 is destined to people who like to exercise, considering that it is nowadays kind of a global movement and finally, speaking of Apple, we read an interview between two creative icons : Jony Ive and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

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Trying on the EMEL+ARIS heating coat feels like the future of comfort

It’s been quite some time that I wanted to get my hands on a heating coat, like the Moon Berlin, or the Courrèges coat we previously presented here. So you can imagine how excited I was when I received a beautiful box from EMEL+ARIS, containing their innovative yet traditional-looking heating coat. Here are some pictures and thoughts on this (invisible) tech-infused coat.

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Internet of Clothing | Rochambeau uses Bright Bmbr smart jacket to introduce its clients to a very private club

Paper invites are out-of-date. Digital invites are not enough. This is why Rochambeau went a step further and created a digital jacket to offer its wearer a unique experience through New York City. In collaboration with Avery Dennison and Evrythng, as part as their “Born Digital” partnership, Rochambeau launched the “Bright Bmbr” jacket: the key to enter an exclusive circle.

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Connected Haircut : hairdressing salons enter the digital era

CONNECTED HAIRCUT is an innovative “digital, in-store and, above all, omnichannel” concept launched by Shopper Connecté. It allows more adjustment, more fluidity and more connectivity, thus improving the customer experience. In short, CONNECTED HAIRCUT revamps  hairdressing salons and makes them enter the digital era.

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Y-3 & Yohji Yamamoto go in space!

Y-3, the adidas brand and Yohji Yamamoto are designing the one piece uniforms of Virgin Galactic’s astronauts. The prototypes were revealed 4 days ago at the Foster + Partner designed Spaceport America in New Mexico.

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Tech up your Holiday | The FashTech gift guide for an enhanced experience of fashion

Christmas is almost here! But if, like us, you were too busy to think about it, we’ve gathered a few last minute tech-savvy items for a Holiday season under the sign of futuristic fashion! Happy shopping :)

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TECH UP YOUR STYLE #5 | Dressing up with the Hermès x Apple Watch

Yesterday evening, Apple announced its collaboration with Hermès for a special edition of the Apple Watch. Yes, I know, maybe some of you are still not convinced by the Watch, but still, let me be excited! I saw it coming since the announcement of the Watch itself, one year ago, so you can’t just imagine how happy I was to see that they did it first it with Hermès.

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TECH UP YOUR STYLE #4 | Invited for a wedding? Time to try digital detox with Altruis

The Summer is almost behind us, but for those of you invited for weddings, here’s the perfect outfit to make the best of the time shared with your beloved ones. Yes, technology can also step back to let you enjoy real life moments! Everything you need to know about Altruis, the digital detox jewellery is in this post.

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TECH UP YOUR STYLE #3 | Chromat brings futuristic design to the next level

Back in March, we spotted Chromat, an innovative brand making Structural Experiments for the Human Body. Today, in Tech Up Your Style #3, we chose our favorite pieces to get the avant-garde feminine look.

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TECH UP YOUR STYLE #2 | Fighting the heat with style

For those of you living in Western Europe, it’s a understatement to say the last week has been hot. All around France, temperatures hit records highs, up to 40°C in Paris. The problem with spending the summer in Paris is that we are quite poor in air con provided places, since we are more used to fight the cold. But there’s always a stylish solution to stay cool, even when the heat wave hits you. Today, the second edit of Tech Up Your Style features an innovative bracelet prototype, that cools you when you need it…

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