Why brands like NOAH embody both the next wave of emerging fashion labels & the future of branding

You might have read a lot of fashion outlets talking about NOAH and thought « Meh, just another overhyped brand ! » but you might want to reconsider that. Allow me to reintroduce the brand : tackling political and environmental issues and delivering an Everlane-like level of transparency, the one year old brand founded by Brendon Babenzien (Supreme’s former Design Director) is a one of a kind NY-based label that makes political activism as much a priority as creating dope menswear pieces (for instance, the brand struck a political stance last July by promising a refund to Donald Trump supporters.

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All aboard the train to the future: LVMH & CSM get serious about Fashion Tech and Sustainability

Back in November 2011, the LVMH Group (home to Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, to name just a few) and renowned college of art and design Central Saint Martins, started  a historic, long-term collaboration which revealed numerous new talents. Six years later, WWD reports the two allies took a new decisive step in their global strategic agreement, with the funding of a groundbreaking sustainability and innovation program, deepening the already solid relationship between the Group and the college.

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Towards a real fashion transparency? The Everlane case

More and more customers are in demand of precise informations about their clothes and want to know how they were produced. Numerous scandals about working conditions in the fashion industry led to the rise of a collective awareness of these issues and most brands had no choice but to adapt themselves to these new expectations.

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Material Futures | This new Fabric is capable of harvesting Solar & Mechanical Energy

What if just wearing clothes could help you generate energy? A team from Georgia Institute of Technology is currently working on this concern. These scientists created a brand new type of fabric that collects at the same time solar and motion energy.

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Babyghost x VeChain | How can Blockchain enhance customer experience?

Blockchain, the word is everywhere. This new type of database, mainly used in the finance sector because of its safety features, can also be used in many ways. In the fashion industry, it has been a way to address the issues regarding traceability and transparency, which have become real preoccupations since the rise of fast fashion, as explained in our previous article.

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Blockchain | How tech can provide transparency to fashion supply chains

With the rise of fast fashion, and its continual pressure on retailers to lower prices, the high street clothing supply chain has become more and more complex and opaque. But in 2016, how can anyone say he doesn’t know his 5€ t-shirt was made in both social and environmentally bad conditions? Consumers may not all demand transparency, at least not yet, but a quick look to the global success of Fashion Revolution Day, trending on Twitter and making millions of people more aware of fashion transparency, will make you change your mind.

So what if technology could make it easier for us to trace where and how our garments are made? Here comes Provenance, a startup using blockchain to tell the story behind the products you consume.

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What if your own sweater could tell when the air you’re breathing is bad for your health?

Our air quality is deteriorating quickly and on a global scale. As more and more pollutants saturate the air we breathe, urban spaces must be closely monitored in order to guarantee that they are safe for people to live in. In fact, it has been estimated that 30% of the world currently breathes unsafe air – air at 60 AQI and above.

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Spider Silk: Fusing Nature and Technology

When you see a spider web what comes to mind? The beauty and intricate design, how a spider delicately dangles as it artfully spins its web, how it competitively and fiercely wraps its prey or how quickly it can be swept away?

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EVENT | April 2016 FashionTech exciting events listing

Wow, April is coming and let me tell you this is going to be a very exciting month for FashionTech. From Seoul to Paris, London to Hyères, Fashion is going to be celebrated along with sustainability, innovation, 3D printing and young creation!

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Clausette Awards 2015: the year’s coolest projects merging fashion with technology

2015 was announced as the Year of Wearables. It was actually the year wearables started to look fashionable. The year where we started to see more and more fashion tech popping up at fashion shows. A year of announcements, of creative minds blowing the frontier between fashion & function, between fashion & technology, sciences and other technical fields promised to enhance fashion for good. To celebrate the new year, we gathered the most spectacular projects of 2015. Let 2016 be even more stunning, let it be the year where technology is subtly integrated into clothing!

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